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External wall insulation

Probuilder offer an external wall insulation (EWI) & solid wall insulation (SWI) service and have a wealth of experience on providing all types of walls coverings and energy saving measures. 

Probuilder London ltd is a leading installer of rendered insulation systems, from expanded polystyrene boards to rockwool and extruded insulation systems. We have installed insulation onto homes right across London and south east England, providing home owners with many benefits including 

  • Reduced heating cost.

  • Less energy being used means less carbon emissions.

  • Polymer modified render system that is reinforced and will resist cracking or chemical attack.

  • Will cool the property in the summer.

  • Will provide a warm & comfortable place to live.

  • Prevents damp, cold spots and condensation while remaining breathable.

  • Enhances the look of the property.

external wall insulation of house base layer completed

How is external wall insulation installed?

External insulation projects require a site visit to ascertain if the property is suitable for an external render system. while this assessment is conducted measurements of walls, eves, soil stacks etc will be taken into account to get rid of any cold spots or cold bridging. 

Remove existing surface

If the existing render is damaged, blown, damp or to thick then it will need to be removed using mechanical hammers. The property will be protected from rouge fragments being propelled into neighbouring land.

Install insulation

The insulation boards are installed onto the exterior of the property using mechanical and chemical means. 

Apply base coat

The base coat is then applied to the insulation boards and a reinforcment meshed is embedded into the rendered surface to create a strong, chemical resistant and long lasting base for the top coats to be applied to.

Prime the surface

Depending of the materials that makes up the wall structure is could be necessary to prime to surface before the insulation can be applied.

Apply the top coat

It may be necessary to apply a top coat to the base coat, this is only required in certain circumstances and this step will be completed automatically if needed.

Apply silicon coat

The silicon coat is then applied to create a fantastic looking finished surface to your home that is guaranteed to last many years with very little maintenance.

What is external wall insulation

External wall insulation systems and solid wall insulation systems are a combination of materials that together create the insulation system. The insulating effect of the system comes from the insulation board itself although the base and top coats of render also have a thermal value too. The insulations boards are fixed onto the wall of your home using a mechanical and chemical fixings. These fixings ensure that the boards will never move, enabling the home owner to enjoy the the finished surface of the insulation system for many years in the knowledge that the insulation has been installed correctly. The strong base combined with a chemical resistant reinforcement mesh embedded into the render will further ensure that the top coat will not crack.  This allows the homeowner to have the confidence that the finished surface can be enjoyed for many years to comes.

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