Chimney stack and breast removal

Probuilder london ltd can remove your the chimney from your home. We can remove the whole chimney or can remove the lower sections of the chimney leaving the outside part of the chimney intact, This is useful if the the chimney is shared with a neighbouring house.

We undertake chimney removal services in and around London, and Kent.

We will remove the chimney in a safe and thoughtful way., while trying to minimise the amount of dust created by the demolition of the chimney stack itself. Take a look at our step by step guide on removing a chimney.

Chimney Removal Considerations

When you decide to remove a chimney from your home there a few things you should consider first.

Is the chimney shared? If the chimney is shared with a adjoining property then a party wall agreement would normally be required.

Does the whole chimney need to be removed or can the the lower sections be removed? It is quicker and cheaper to remove the entire chimney stack than paying for a structural engineers plans and paying for the steel beams to complete the partial demolition of a chimney.

Does the floor boards need to replaced? Yes the floor boards surrounding the space where the chimney existed will likely require replacements be fitted.

Is Removing a chimney a messy / dusty project? Removing a chimney is a very dusty project to carry out. It is recommended that anything you would want to protect from the dust is removed from the property or moved to another room and paced under a dust sheet.

How long does it take to remove a chimney? Most project take 3 to 5 days to complete.

Will the walls need to be plastered once the chimney is removed? The wall require a coat of plaster to be added. This can be completed by another contractor we can can include the cost of plastering the walls in your contract.

Does the roof tiles need to be replaced once a chimney is removed. Yes, the roof tiles, roof felt & roof timber will need to be replaced in order to patch the hole in the roof left by the chimney.

Does the removal of a chimney need building control notification? Yes, a building inspector will visit your home during the project to confirm that the project meets the building regulations.

How much a chimney removal cost? The removal of a chimney cost between £1600 - £3000 + VAT. This includes labour, materials and the removal of the waste.